Upgrade from OASIS 3.9.x to 3.9.6


  1. Go to the folder OASIS is installed into:

    cd /opt/oasisqe

(or wherever you have it installed)

  1. Fetch the 3.9.6 code from the download site:

    wget http://www.oasisqe.com/downloads/oasis3.9.6.tgz

  2. Move the previous code out of the way:

    mv 3.9 3.9__backup

  3. unpack the newest version:

    tar -zxf oasis3.9.6.tgz

  4. Refresh dependencies:

    cd /opt/oasisqe/3.9/src pip install -r requirements.txt


There may be new configuration options for /etc/oasisqe.ini. OASIS will use defaults if you do not add them, but if you want to enable new features you may need to add them here.

Migrate Database

There are some changes that need made to the database. These can be managed by the included “oasisdb” tool. (described in OASIS Database Tool

Move to the “bin” folder in OASIS and run the oasisdb tool:

cd /opt/oasisqe/3.9/bin

It should output some help information:

Usage: oasisdb [--help] [--version] [command ...]

OASIS Database Tool. It requires an already configured OASIS setup, and can be
used to initialize or upgrade an OASIS database.

  --version           show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help          show this help message and exit
  --erase-existing    erase any existing data first. DANGEROUS.
  --no-reset-adminpw  don't reset the admin password
  --oasis-ver=X.Y.Z   work with a specific OASIS version. (default 3.9.6)
  -v, --verbose       verbose output

    help                - Provide information about a specific command.
    status              - Show some status information about the database.
    show users          - List the users in the database.
    show courses        - List the courses in the database.
    resetpw             - Change the admin password.
    calcstats           - Refresh statistics calculation over whole database.

    init                - Set up the OASIS table structure in the database.
    upgrade             - Upgrade an older OASIS database to the newest version.

You can ask it to look at your database and report the status:

Connecting to database:
host:  localhost
database:  oasisdb
username:  oasisdb

There is already an OASIS database here.
Detected DB Version 3.9.2

68699 user records
3075 question templates
219 assessments
Contains non-default data.
It contains data, please be SURE you have the correct database
settings and wish to erase the existing data
before using the   --erase-existing   option.

In this case it’s telling us there’s a 3.9.2 database.

To upgrade it we use the uprade option:

./oasisdb upgrade
Migrated table structure from 3.9.2 to 3.9.6


If all went well, we should now have an OASIS v3.9.6 installation running. Remember to restart Apache:

service apache2 restart

And you should be able to log in to OASIS and access the new features.