“Hobby” Installation

This section will walk through the installation of an example small OASIS setup.

In this case, we are installing OASIS standalone on a single server, to run a hobbyist study site. It does not integrate with external systems, and users can sign themselves up and decide which content they wish to access. The whole site is run by a single person, in their spare time.

Need to know

  • The URL the site will run on
  • The e-mail address of the person running/supporting OASIS
In this case we’ll use:
and email:

Install and Configure

Install OASIS according to Installation/Upgrade

The OASIS configuration file should already default mostly to running in this mode, but you will need to change some things:

nano /etc/oasisqe.ini

First, the web interface. We need to tell OASIS our URL:

url: https://www.oasisqe.com/hobbies
statichost: https://www.oasisqe.com
staticpath: hobbies

And the contact e-mail address to display on the web interface:

email: hobbies@oasisqe.com

Allow anyone to sign up and create an account:

open_registration: True

Information about the application comes next:


homedir: /opt/oasisqe/3.9/src
logfile: /var/log/oasisqe/main.log

The secretkey is an important security measure. It protects users from being able to log in as each other, among other things. We must change it to something random and secret (use your own):

secretkey: t9Yptn0YjnSSmRafe0KF5F8Cyz3bUw

Since there’s just one administrator, when the system generates serious errors, the email address to send them to will be the same as above:

email_admins: hobbies@oasisqe.com

Normally such a site will have been configured to send its own mail previously, but if we had an external mail server we could configure it here:

smtp_server: localhost

We don’t need external “feeds” for a site that manages its own accounts:

#  location for scripts that handle feeds (eg. enrolment)
# feed_path:

The database configuration will already have been handled during the install process:


host: localhost
dbname: oasisdb
uname: oasisdb
pass: SECRET
port: 5432

As will the cache settings:


cachedir: /var/cache/oasisqe/v3.9
memcache_enable: True

A low-usage site won’t need memcached, so we could set memcache_enable: to False if we wanted. However, it’s easy enough to install and does make OASIS respond significantly faster in many situations.

Any time we make changes to this configuration file, we must tell Apache to restart OASIS:

service apache2 restart

Now we can log in to OASIS and verify that it all works:

We open a web browser and go to the URL: https://www.oasisqe.com/hobbies (obviously, using our own URL here)


And we should see the main menu:


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