11th Feb 2017

It’s been a few years. Lots of small bug fixes and tuning.

Major Changes

  • LTI single-signon support. EXPERIMENTAL
  • Installation on Ubuntu Xenial (16.04)
  • Vagrant support to make developing easier
  • Dependencies (JQuery, Flask, and others) updated to current versions.


10th July 2013


  • Allow an optional student ID number to be included in the user feed
  • Allow an alternate (customized) landing page to be provided
  • Optional contact URL instead of email address
  • Show groups that recently expired so we can see, for example, “last semesters grades”


  • Remove link to “previous assessments” for now, it was broken.
  • If adding a permission to an unknown user, we’d Internal Server Error.
  • Topic positions were set to “None” sometimes, causing errors.
  • Hide practice topics if the user wasn’t supposed to have access to them.
  • Display login message on the landing page as well as the login page
  • Fix incompatibility with openpyxl on Ubuntu 12.04
  • Restore assessment editing page
  • oasisdb tool didn’t correctly identify a 3.9.2 database
  • Spreadsheet export of assessment marks wasn’t working
  • Change “make sysadmin” so that browser prefetch can’t trigger it by accident
  • Crash if course admin viewed a students exam that was in progress