Course Administration

A Course in OASIS is a collection of content - questions and assessments, and groups of people - students and staff.

Course Configuration


A course has a name and a title, for example “PHYSICS101” and “Introduction to Physics”. The name must be unique.


A course will contain one or more groups. A group is a collection of users - staff or students. By default, anyone in one of the groups can access the content in the course - practice questions and assessments. It is also possible to have a group of people be staff in one course and students in another.


Membership in groups can be controlled in different ways. There are three main types of group:

adhoc: The course coordinator can add or remove users from the group from the course administration area in OASIS. This is a good way to manage small courses, or content that is not related to an “official” course.

open: An open group will allow users to add themselves to the group. If you have one or more open groups in your course, then any user can give themselves access to your course. This is ideal for demonstration or voluntary content.

feed: The group membership is controlled external to OASIS - perhaps from a central university enrolment system. This will have to be configured by the OASIS systems administrator, but once it is, course coordinators can make use of these groups.

Groups exist for specific a time period. For example “Term 1, 2014”. These can be set up by the systems administrator.

Groups can be shared between multiple courses. For example the same group “Year 1 Students” could be associated with PHYSICS101, CHEMISTRY100 and BIOLOGY103

When you add a new course, some groups will be created automatically which should suit most common situations, but you can add more later or reconfigure them.

Adding a Course

To start with, we’ll create a simple course that users can enrol themselves into. This doesn’t require setting up integration with external systems, so is a good place to start.

As the administrator user, from the main menu select the Setup page.


From here you can go to the course administration area by following the Course Admin link:


To add a new course to the system, choose the Add Course button:


You should be presented with a form where you can provide information about the new course.